Can’t help but wonder whether Ann Arbor will continue to be this awesome

Ann Arbor has been suffering higher crime rates in recent years.  No matter where we are, we need to be careful of our personal well-being.  However, there are some tips we want to share for when you park your car around Downtown or anywhere else in Ann Arbor.

Tip #1: Be sure to park where it is well lit (if you will leave or approach your car after dark)

Tip #2: Try to travel in groups, especially if you are not familiar with the area…but probably even if you are.

Tip #3: Always have the phone number to a really good car locksmith…just in case.  (We have a suggestion who you should call. 🙂

We hope that you have a wonderful time this weekend.  Enjoy yourself here in Ann Arbor.

Don’t get locked out of your house or car, but if you do, you might want to take our number with you…just in case.


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